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top-tier formulations

At Pravada Beauty Labs, our mission is to deliver unmatched high-quality wholesale beauty products, focusing on innovation and sustainability. Emphasizing natural and organic ingredients, while providing a variety of vegan formulations, we are committed to enhancing your brand with formulations that set industry standards.

Our collaborative approach ensures your offerings resonate with today's conscious consumers, driving your brand's success in a competitive beauty market. Partner with us to access a diverse range of premium beauty solutions, tailored to meet the evolving needs of your business and customers, and elevate your brand with our expertly crafted formulations.


from canada to the U.s.

Founded in 2008 in Canada, Pravada began its journey with a clear vision: to serve the beauty needs of spas with premium, carefully crafted products. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and quality fueled our expansion, allowing us to serve a broad spectrum of clients and solidify our standing in the global beauty market.

Today, we proudly serve thousands of brands worldwide, anchored by our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida. This hub is a testament to our growth and a symbol of our dedication to innovation, quality, and the ever-evolving needs of our customers in the beauty sector.

Who we are

Experts and enthusiasts

With over a decade in the industry, Pravada is trusted by thousands of brands worldwide as their manufacturing partner to help them bring their beauty brand vision to life.

Our team comprises of personal care experts & enthusiasts to assist you in your wholesale beauty needs at every step!

We offer a wide selection of products to allow you to create your own unique product line, while remaining cost effective, high quality and made in the United States.

How we formulate

Grounded in science

Our formulations are grounded in science – we work with high quality, effective ingredients to ensure solid shelf life of your products and safety for your customers.

We understand the importance of formulations that demonstrate visible results – marrying the best of science and nature. We want your customers to love your products which leads to repeat purchases and higher sales!

We work with the best nature has to offer – using naturally derived and organic ingredients whenever possible. We are always improving our formulations, and adding new ones to our range.

premium wholesale beauty

allowing you to focus on your brand

Investing in premium bulk formulations offers a strategic advantage in the beauty industry, allowing your brand to access high-quality products without the overhead of in-house production. This approach ensures consistency and excellence in your product offerings, giving your brand a competitive edge.

By partnering with Pravada Beauty Labs for your wholesale beauty needs, you free up valuable resources to concentrate on brand development, marketing, and customer engagement. This collaboration enables your brand to leverage expert manufacturing capabilities while focusing on building your identity and expanding your market presence.